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Connect your GoFree Pods™ to all Buetooth devices and enjoy your music or your calls freely wherever you go.

Designed with our last technologies, the GoFree Pods™ will provide you with a 3 hour autonomy and enable you to do whatever you wish freely.

With 3 different colors variants there is an option for you and all your loved ones.

GoFree Pods™

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How to use GoFree Pods™

1.Turn on the charging box switch (blue or red light is on)

2.Open the top cover of the earphones and take out the earphones. (Important note: Turn on the charging box switch before opening the charging box, which is the premise of the headset automatically turning on)

3.Pair with other devices: Open the phone to other device Bluetooth settings, search for the Bluetooth name, click to connect Bluetooth

4.The earphones are placed in the charging box to enter the charging mode and the headset is automatically turned off

5. GoFree Pods™ can be connected separately to other Bluetooth devices

6. They automatically shut down if not connected to the Bluetooth device for 5 minutes
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👉Volume Control Noise Reduction & Advanced technology

👉Sweat-resistance improved & Shockproof upgraded

👉Auto-pairing System

👉Bluetooth® 5.0 wireless: compatible with all Apple and Android devices

👉Weight: 5g (each)

👉 More than 3 hours of music playback or call time

👉 Over 100 hours of standby time

👉Industry-leading 1 hour charge time 

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